Anica Dijkstra

Age: 25 years
Place of residence: Eindhoven
Student: Communication and Multimedia Design
School: Avans Hogeschool

I am a 25 year old girl from Eindhoven, studying Communication Multimedia Design in Den Bosch. My study is all about making concepts and express this in multiple multimedia platfroms, for example graphic design, webdesign, a movie, app or game. The part I like the most is making a brand for an event or company.

As a part of my study i have been studying abroad in St. Pölten - Austria for 5 months. I worked on a project with 7 other international students for the university. I have learned a lot from all the different cultures.

At this moment I am doing a minor research in immersive storytelling at Avans university in Breda.

Wants to know more about me? Take a look at my resume