Fuego fiesta

Client: Amarant
Design: Kim , Ryence, Centaine, Larissa
code: Demi, Anica
Assignment:Avans hogeschool

In the second year of my education Communication and Multimedia Design we got the assignment to create a educational game for our client:"Amarant". The target audience is people with a mental disorder that do live on their own.
With our project team we created Fuego fiesta in this game you need to organize a party. But while you are organizing the party there is a lot that can happen that can let the house burn. So you need to focus on doing your task an organizing the party but also make sure that it is all fireproof.

We worked together as group on the project, in the design part I helped with designing the interface. My main task was to develop the game I did front-end development for example to let the character walk and changing rooms while Demi did the back-end development.
For me this project was a real challenge because I didn't developed that much before and a lot of it was new for me.

Try the game