Betatechniekdag - Zien maken doen

Client: NVON
Concept: Anica Dijkstra Design: Anica Dijkstra, Niels de Jonge, Celine Pessers, Tim Guth & Annie Sporen
Leader: Tim Guth & Niels de Jonge
In collaboration with: de Kabelfabriek

At school we got an assignment to create the brand for TEDx. We didn't make it as winner but got an offer to remake it for an other event. In collaboration with :"de kabelfabriek" we remaked it, the theme of the event was seeing, making, do it.
My share what I did in this project is created the concept and designing the posters for TEDx. Together with my team members we remaked them for the new project.

Our first version for TEDxDelft

The final promotionmaterial for betatechniekdag