Experiencia de univerzita Sankt Pölten

Client: FH Sankt Pölten
Group: Selu, Eva, Maria, Joshua, Aneta, Paloma, Eric and Anica
Assignment:FH Sankt Pölten

In my third year of my study at Avans I took part on the European Project Semester at the FH Sankt Pölten in Austria. Together with 7 other students from countries all over the world we worked on one big project.

The assignment was to let people experience the events from the FH while they are at home. We developed the idea to make a 3D model of the university where you can walk trough and in several rooms are events happening.

My task in this project was the visuals together with another teammember. First we texturized the 3D model, I started with the colorpallete and the style after that I made the complete outside and the hallway inside. The second thing I made is the logo and name design and the last thing is illustrations of the teammembers.